Bear ClanFreda McDonald

Freda McDonald is of Ojibway descent and is fluent in the language.  She is a member of the Sageeng First Nation from Fort Alexander, Manitoba. 

She is retired.  She was married for 52 years and was widowed in the year 2000.  She is the mother of 7 children, the olderst is 56 and her youngest is 44 years. She has eleven grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

She was a volunteer Native Community Worker beginning in 1965.

She was provincially awarded in 1986.

She worked as a Native Cultural Worker for 20 years at Old Fort William, which is now called Fort William Historical Park.

She was recognized by the Canadian National Geographic in 1993/94.

She was instrumental in the beginnings of Native Women’s Drumming for self-healing in 1997.

Currently, she is one of the community elders in Thunder Bay, with interests in the native heritage, culture, language and interpretations, being a community spiritual resource as needed and basically just being available in support of our people.