Loon ClanPeggy Adams

Peggy is a 60 year old woman born on the winter solstice in Port Arthur (now Thunder Bay). She is the mother of 2 sons and has 4 grandchildren.

A single mom, she raised her small family while she worked and furthered her education at the same time. She holds 2 diplomas from Confederation College and an honours degree in Social Work from Lakehead University.

Friends that she made during her studies influenced her and supported her walk down the red path. She has never looked back. She was given the name Blue Heron and adopted into the Loon Clan several years ago.

Peggy is a drummer and a pipe carrier and actively participates in many cultural activities and ceremonies in this community and surrounding areas. She leads hand-drum-making workshops and teaches participants how to respect and honour their drums and themselves. She has strong faith in the healing power of the drums and encourages women especially to get their voices “back” by singing out with the help of their grandmother drums.

With the guidance of the Creator, she ahs carried her drum into hospitals, treatment centres, prisons, half-way houses, lodges, senior’s residences, schools and conferences. The songs she sings are a prayer for individuals as well as the healing of the whole community.

Peggy is presently studying the Ojibway language a the Adult Education Centre.