Who We Are

Greetings, all fellow Anishnabe relatives, fellow citizens!

My name is The Star that Shines Down! Bear Clan! We honour, we praise all those who started these songs, often heard in Anishnabe territory! Thank you we say, for teaching us, that we too can follow your example, when asked for prayers! We respect! We greatly value, the sacred knowledge!

We are trying to gather these songs, to be kept not tot be forgotten, also to be used in prayerful ways! We are not great singers! We do not profit, we try to help others only. You, the teachers own the leadership here! Not Us! Thank you for giving us self-esteem and “Native” pride, as well!

 Chi-meegwetch, from Freda. 

We are the Medicine Wheel Spirit Singers. We have been singing together for a number of years. Our group formed officially in the spring of 2006. To honour our group’s name, each fo us represents a direction of the Medicine Wheel, and the outfits we wear are in the colour of our direction. We honour the Medicine Wheel  in sacred ceremony each spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Most of the songs we sing are sacred prayer songs to the Creator, to the spirits, to the Grandfathers and Grandmothers, and there are fun songs we sing that make us laugh. We learn and sing songs of healing that reflect the many diverse ways the Creator speaks to us. We participate in healing ceremonies, spiritual gatherings, conferences and other community events, sharing the spirit and teachings of the songs. We go wherever our drums lead us. We pray that the songs will be a part of your healing and spiritual journey as they are for us.

Peggy, Lori, Bea & Freda