All My Love (Hymn)

(Lead) All My “________”, I give to you
Oh Hay

(All) Hay oh hay oh
Oh hay, oh hay, oh hay, oh hay

“________” Substitute whatever you want to give up to the creator or to thank the creator for.  e.g. negative feelings/illness or positive feelings, etc.
(Love, Loneliness, Hurting, Anger, Happiness, Blessings, Cancer, Needs, Thoughts, Fears, Complaints, Flaws, Uncertainty, Diabetes, Worrying, Ideas, Negativity, Frustrations, Confidence, Teachings, Songs, Prayers, Respect, Patience, Strength, Weakness, Life, Laughter, Jealousy, Pain, Day, Crying, Emotions, Depression, Humour, Praise, Pride, Dreams, Awkwardness, Problems, Stress, Relationships, Debts, Forgiveness, Mistakes, Successes, Ambitions, Decisions, etc. etc. etc.)