The Songs We Sing

Most of the songs we sing are sacred prayer songs to the Creator, to the Grandfathers and Grandmothers. We also sing some fun songs which make us laugh.

Before we sing, we pray to the Creator in song, offer tobacco and smudge ourselves and our drums. We pray that the songs will be a part of one’s healing and spiritual journey as they are for us.

A lot of the songs we know come from this region of Northern Ontario and from Fort Alexander, Manitoba, Sageeng First Nation where our elder, Freda was born. A number of the songs have been a part of her family or they are songs that were given to her to share from various elders she has met on her journey.

Freda is fluent in the language. She teaches us a lot of the Ojibway songs and Ojibway hymns that she knows. She translates the Ojibway words to English. She says it is important to keep the language and the traditions alive for future generations. Being traditional Ojibway women, we feel a responsibility to ensure these songs are available and passed on to future generations.

We know a lot more Ojibway words now then before we started drumming. With Freda‚Äôs help we’re learning some of the Ojibway language and developing an understanding what we’re singing about. This we share when we sing publicly so that those who do not understand the language have an idea of what we’re singing about. A lot of people have told us they appreciate this. Chi-meewetch to Freda!