Lori’s Drum

Lori Drazenovich - (South, Red)

I received my drum in August 2004 while attending a Regional Head Start workshop. My young daughter also received one there and has since been able to pick up the language by hearing me sing and singing with me. I am grateful that I am able to pass on this tradition to her as it wasn’t one that I had as a child. The drum has always called to me. The sound of the drum connects me in a deep way with all of life energy from Mother Earth. My husband always encouraged me to follow the call of Mother Earth but I never felt that I was strong enough or knew enough in my culture to do so. I remember attending my first woman’s drum circle and I felt very shy. Even though I didn’t know any songs, or the language, I just drummed along with the other women and I knew that I was where I was supposed to be. I learned the songs by listening to a homemade tape that I had copied from one of the other women. I would always play it whenever I drove anywhere. Soon the songs started to stay with me and they now remain as part of who I am. My hope is that other women will find their voice and learn the songs from listening to the CD – especially the women who might feel like I did. One song in particular always pulled at my heart – The Four Directions song – which would later be the song that took me the longest to learn. I had to work harder at remembering the words and it took me about a year to sing it on my own. I had many teachings from trying to learn that song!

I am grateful to the drum. Since I started drumming my life has changed. I follow her to many places and meet many people that I otherwise would not have crossed paths….and I can’t wait to someday meet you!!