Medicine Wheel Teaching

By Beatrice

The Medicine Wheel is the story of life and how we live it.  The term “Medicine” does not refer to drugs or herbal remedies, but to inner spiritual energy and healing on our life’s journey.

The Circle of the Medicine Wheel reminds us that we are all connected. The colours, yellow, red, black and white represent the colours of human kind.

In creation, it is said there are four parts to everything that is natural. There are four parts to the Medicine Wheel, each represented as follows:

East, South, West & North
Earth, Fire, Water & Air
Spiritual, Emotional, Physical & Mental
Tobacco, Cedar, Sage & Sweetgrass
Child, Youth, Adult & Elder
Sunrise, Noon, Sunset & Midnight
Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter
Visionary, Healer, Warrior & Teacher
Roots, Trunk, Branches & Leaves
Mineral, Plant, Animal & Human
My colours are red, yellow, black and white. These colours came to me in a dream. I will share that with you another time.

from White Horse Spirit Woman